What is the difference between the main stream and the sub stream?

Mainstream: is the primary video feed. Mainstream provides the highest video quality, and is the stream the DVR / NVR uses when saving footage to the internal hard disk drive (HDD). Mainstream settings can be adjusted to increase or decrease recording resolution. These settings will impact recording file size and available recording time. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Sub-stream: is the secondary video feed. Sub-stream provides a lower quality video stream, and is typically used to stream video to computers, smartphones, or tablets over the Internet. This allows you to reduce streaming quality for live or remote viewing, while maintaining higher quality on the mainstream for HDD recording and storage.


When is each one used?

Mainstream: is the primary video feed  mainly use for recording..
Sub-stream: is used mainly for remote viewing from computers, smartphones, or tablets over the Internet from outside the network..


How does bit rate relate to the Resolution and Frame rate?

The combination of frame rate and resolution based on the type of compression will need bandwidth necessary to accomplish. The higher the resolution/frame rate combination the more bandwidth or bit rate is necessary. The link below is to a bit rate chart that discusses in greater detail.

H.264+ Bit Rate Chart


Will the exported password reset XML file expire?

The password reset File exported via SADP, IVMS4200 and Batch configuration tool import/code procedure for password reset needs to be done within 3 days or it will expire.

Be sure not to power down or reboot the camera within this time frame.

What camera series' have reset button.

A list needs to be compiled.

How to manually factory reset a camera.

1. Press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds while the camera is on then power it down.
2. Continue to hold the reset button down for a second 30 seconds then power it back up.
3. Continue to hold the reset button down for a final 30 seconds then let go of the button.

On IVMS-4200 the device is added manually and shows serial number and net detect is proper but camera(s) does not show on main view.

When the hikvision device is added incorrectly the first time by having one digit off on a port number or ip address and/or incorrect password or export to group was unchecked, The group of cameras does not get created. To avoid this from happening when adding, simply delete the incorrectly added device from device management and re-add again correctly or fix the issue by creating/adding the cameras to a group in the group tab.

Is it possible to have multiple IP cameras run to the NVR/Network via a single Ethernet cable?

Yes, See the FAQ on "Quick steps on how to add an IP camera to a plug and play NVR when on an external POE switch."

Can I purchase more camera licenses for my Hikvision NVR?

All Hikvision Hardware NVR’s have a fixed number of channels. Licenses cannot be purchased to increase the number of supported channels.

What steps can I take to increase recording time on a DVR/NVR without increasing storage space?

Setting the DVR/NVR to record only on motion and reducing quality’s frame rate, Resolution and Maximum bit rate will increase the recording time to the existing hard drive of the recorder.

Quick steps on how to add an IP camera to a plug and play NVR when on an external POE switch.

Before mounting the camera, connect it directly to the port number on the NVR built in POE switch corresponding to the channel it will be working on so it can plug and play. Once playing, using the NVR’s monitor output GUI go to:

-Menu >>> Camera Setup >>> Click edit button for the channel in question >>> Change Adding method button from “Plug and Play” to “Manual” >>> Enter the password of the NVR at bottom >>> click Ok.

--The camera will now work an external POE switch that will be connected directly to the NVR internal POE switch on the channel programmed.

How to add a third party IP camera to a Hikvision plug and Play NVR in a nutshell?

On the NVR monitor Output GUI:

-Menu >>> Camera Setup -Choose the channel number the camera is to be assigned to and make note of its IP address.

-Using the third party camera’s software discovery tool or browser interface, preconfigure the camera to noted IP address.

-Menu >>> Camera Setup >>> Click edit button for the channel in question >>> Change Adding method button from “Plug and Play” to “Manual” >>> Set the Protocol to the camera’s manufacturers name or OnVif >>> Enter the password of the camera at bottom >>> click Ok.

-The camera will now work an external POE switch that will be connected directly to the NVR internal POE switch on the channel programmed.

Why is the DVR/NVR beeping or has a there a triangle with an exclamation point on the lower right hand side of the recorder's monitor output?

The NVR is warning about an issue or event that it is programmed to notify about. If this symbol is clicked on, a list called Alarm/Exception list will appear explaining each notification or error the NVR is experiencing.

How to enable push notifications on Recorder/camera and enable receiving them on the hik-connect app based on VCA rules like line crossing or intrusion detection?

From the Recorder’s monitor output GUI, go to :

Menu >>> Camera Setup >>> VCA >>> Choose desired VCA type tab >>> Enable >>> Draw the line or region >>> Click “SET” button >>> Linkage Action (tab) >>> Place check on “Notify Surveillance Center” >>> Click “OK” >>> “Click Apply”

On Hik-Connect app:

Hik-Connect Page option (bottom) >>> Swipe the device to the left >>> Press the cog/gear setting button >>> Alarm Notification set to Enable.

Does Hikvision require any additional licensing fee?

No licensing fees required for non-Hik Central products.

How do I add multiple channels from a single encoder to a NVR?

Each video channel from an encoder will take up 1 NVR camera channel. All channels will be assigned the same IP as the single encoder, follow by different video ports for each of the different channels that are assigned.

What does it mean when I see a "no resource" error on the DVR/NVR's local live view?

"No resrouce" usually indicates that the NVR/DVR's graphical display has reached it's limits. You can resolve this by re-adjusting the video settings of the displaying camera channels. Reduce the resolution/fps/max bitrate settings for either main stream and or sub streams of the camera

Can I use Hik-Connect to setup a DDNS domain name?

Yes, you can create a domain name for hik-connect devices by logging in to, go to device management and select the edit icon to create a customized domain name of the registered hik-connect device.

My Turbo Camera is not showin up on this existing DS-72XXHGHI-SH

Either Power issue or the Turbo camera has resolution beyond DVR capabilities. 3 MP-5MP

My FW update keeps failing

The FW file is either still zipped, wrong file, or file path too long in the browser

Does Hikvision require any additional licensing fee?

No licensing fees required.

How can I request an RMA for my Hikvision products

Click here for more detailed information on Hikvision USA RMA policy.

What kind of support will Hikvision provide in developing HEOP applications?

HEOP SDK and other referred tools are supported.For external help, independent software consultant is recommended. Please note that: any contract between the third party developers and this consultantcompany is established without Hikvision‘s involvement or responsibility.

Q:Is it possible to get stream and uncompressed (raw) audio data?

Yes. Hikvision provides interface to get audio ES data and uncompressed audiostream.

Q:Is H264/MJPEG ES stream supported?

 Yes. Hikvision provides two methods to get H264 ES stream, please refer toHEOP SDK documents for detailed information.

IMPORTANT! This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this model. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product page.

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