Tech Support

By entering the code provided by a Hikvision support agent and clicking the red arrow, you agree to the following:

An authorized Hikvision technical support agent will establish a remote access session with a computer at your location with the express purpose of providing assistance with the issue you have reported.

You agree to allow the technical support agent to make changes to your Hikvision equipment to help resolve your issue.

Changes may be needed in the network setup where the Hikvision equipment is installed.  If changes are necessary, the agent will confirm with you what changes need to be made and will either instruct you to contact your Internet Service Provider or IT manager if the device is located in a managed network. 

If you choose to allow the Hikvision technical support agent to make changes to your network, you agree to the changes and will not hold Hikvision responsible for any interruption of network service to other devices in your network.  If you do not agree, then you must tell the agent you do not want to proceed.  They will provide you with an email outlining what changes we recommend so that your provider can make the changes to help with troubleshooting your issue and or resolve your issue.

At the end of the remote access session, it is your responsibility to ensure that the remote session software has closed the session.  You can manually close the session by using your mouse to click on the ^ symbol in the right side of the task bar.  Look for a red and white icon with the letter H - this is the screen connect software.  Right click on this icon and select exit.

To proceed with usage of this remote access session, please click on the red arrow after entering the code provided by the Hikvision technical support agent.

By clicking “Agree“, you accept the terms & conditions above.