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Export Event Data from DS-K1T671TM-3XF



Event data from DS-K1T671TM-3XF can be exported locally or remotely in a spreadsheet format, which includes access control logs with temperature readings and mask detection information. This document describes the procedure for each export method, as well as its resulting output.


Local Export



  1. USB storage device, FAT32 file format


Exported Data (.csv file format):

  1. Access Control Log (Card No., Name, Date, Time)
  2. Event Type
  3. Temperature Reading
  4. Mask Detection



  1. Event snapshots are encrypted
  2. Lack of data to identify visitors



  1. Connect the USB storage device to one of the USB ports of DS-K1T671TM-3XF. Confirm that the storage device is in a FAT32 file format.
  2. Access the local menu of the terminal by holding any part of the screen for several seconds. The interface will prompt for the administrator password of the terminal. Upon successful login, the local settings menu will be accessible.
  3. Go to [Transfer] and use the Export Att. Data option to export event data. 


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  1. Allevent.csv will be saved to the USB storage device. Please note that this report does include captured snapshots/images (Export Picture option exports encrypted image files that cannot be opened with standard image viewers). The CSV file will include access control logs with temperature and mask detection information for each listed event.



Remote Export



  1. iVMS-4200 build 20200618


Exported Data (.xlsx file format):

  1. Access Control Log (Card No., Name, Date, Time)
  2. Authentication Type (Event Type)
  3. Temperature Reading
  4. Mask Detection
  5. Thermal/Optical Snapshots



  1. Requires network connection to DS-K1T671TM-3XF and be accessible to iVMS-4200 software



  1. Add DS-K1T671TM-3XF to iVMS-4200’s device list in [Maintenance and Management > Device Management > Device]. Confirm that the device appears online on the list.
  2. In [Maintenance and Management > Storage Schedule] menu of iVMS-4200, enable Picture Storage for DS-K1T671TM-3XF’s camera channel. This is to ensure that captured images are stored locally in the system where iVMS-4200 is hosted.



  1. In [Event Center > Event Search], select a date range and set the device type to Access Control. Press Search to retrieve event history.



  1. Use the Export or Export All option to generate reports for the retrieved event history. Select the files to be exported and set a file path.



  1. Press Export to generate reports and images to the set file path. Images are directly attached to the report, they are saved to a separate directory. The report will reference corresponding image by its file path.



Test Parameters


Device(s) Under Test:


Firmware Version


2.2.6 build 200803


Firmware Under Test:




2.2.6 build 200803 (Access Control)


5.5.4 build 200602 (Thermal Module)


Software Under Test:



iVMS-4200 build 20200618



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IMPORTANT! This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this model. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product page.

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