Thermal Technology: A New Profitable Business Opportunity for Integrators That’s Ideal for Safeguarding Data Centers, IT Closets, and Server Rooms

March 29, 2019

Thermal Technology: A New Profitable Business Opportunity for Integrators That’s Ideal for Safeguarding Data Centers, IT Closets, and Server Rooms

Integrators Can Learn More About Thermal Technology at ISC West ‘Thought Theater’ Presentation at Hikvision Booth 18037


Integrators interested in new business opportunities and end users concerned about protecting their data are turning to thermal technology, according to an article in, “Thermal Thrives in Data Centers,” by Hikvision business development manager and thermal technology specialist, Tony DeStefano.

Thermal cameras use infrared imaging to detect radiant energy emitted by objects, detecting temperature and hot spots in an environment, enabling early warning alerts that can protect assets and personnel.

“It is well known that thermal technology is ideal for large, complex enterprise applications such as airports, ports, and energy facilities; however, savvy integrators are now finding new and creative uses for thermal technology–notably in data centers, IT closets, and server rooms. It is becoming a profitable new business opportunity for integrators focused both on SMBs as well as large commercial projects,” said DeStefano, in the article.

A failure in IT rooms and data centers can disrupt business operations and have significant financial implications. Thermal cameras offer a tool to notify personnel of temperature changes and high heat.

“Malfunctioning or overheating equipment can lead to a fire–obviously a huge risk to a data center or IT room. By the time smoke or fire is present, it is too late. Fortunately, thermal cameras can be used as early-warning devices to detect a rapid rise in heat, and thermal works long before smoke or sprinkler systems can detect this activity. It is difficult to overstate the potential cost savings for businesses when it comes to protecting data center equipment; in fact, the cost could range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to even millions in some cases,” DeStefano added.

“Thermal camera applications are one of Hikvision’s fastest growing markets, and integrators are finding new and innovative ways to apply thermal features to improve operations and ROI for clients,” said Jeremy Howard, Hikvision VP of business development. “Thermal price points have never been more affordable, and Hikvision technology and support makes it easier than ever to install thermal cameras,” he added.

For integrators and end users who would like to find out more about thermal technology, DeStefano will lead a Thought Theater presentation called “Thermal—A New Business Opportunity for Integrators” at ISC West in the Hikvision Booth #18037 from 2 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10.

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To read the entire article about thermal applications, click this link.

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