SSI on Preparing for Security Breach, Developing a Cyber Response Plan to Reduce Security Concerns

May 10, 2019

Hikvision on Cybersecurity Tips to Deter Cyber Threats, Prevent Security Breach

Hikvision on Cybersecurity Tips to Deter Cyber Threats, Prevent Security Breach

The Security Sales & Integration (SSI) article, “When a Data Breach Occurs Will You Be Prepared?” outlines ways an organization can reduce risk and respond to a potential security breach to reduce security concerns.

From the article: “Employees receive training on how to identify suspect emails and how to steer clear of potentially dangerous websites. Product manufacturers incorporate the latest cyber-secure technology into their product designs to help protect against [security] breaches when their products are added to a company’s network. And still, the number of successful cyberattacks and security breaches increases annually. It is not a matter of if, but when an organization will fall victim to a cyber incident.”


Ways to Prepare for Security Breach

Companies can reduce risk and respond to potential security breaches by preparing a cyber incident response plan (CIRP). The article also recommends that organizations bolster their cybersecurity defenses by reviewing insurance coverage on a regular basis and creating a strategy to minimize business interruptions caused by security breach.

According to the article, “recent studies show that the longer it takes to detect, respond and contain a cyber event, the higher the financial impact.” It references the 2017 Equifax security breach, which cost the organization $439 million due to poor incident response management.

Relying on only one or two key people in the organization to respond during a cyber incident can create security concerns when an incident occurs. A solid plan should include a strategy to address compliance as well as external media and internal communications.


Other Security Considerations

Two-thirds of SMB executives in the U.S. are concerned about security breach, and the article states that “recent studies have found that six in 10 SMBs go out of business within six months of a successful cyberattack.” Verifying sufficiency of insurance coverage including policy language that defines what constitutes a security breach is important, the article emphasizes.

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Hikvision on Cybersecurity Tips to Deter Cyber Threats, Prevent Security Breach

The Hikvision blog, “ on Cybersecurity Tasks to Deter Cyber Threats, Prevent Security Breach,” outlines tips to address breach and reduce security concerns. Tips to reduce risk of cyberattack include:

  • Prioritize cybersecurity as an organization-wide initiative. Executive leadership can implement KPIs that track the effectiveness of cyber efforts.
  • Monitor employee behavior. “Seventy percent of cyber incidents are a result of internal vulnerabilities, so managers have a particularly important role in monitoring any suspicious activity,” according to the SIW article.
  • Remove stale accounts from various cloud services when an employee leaves the company to ensure they do not continue to have access to this information.

The article also includes insights from Hikvision cybersecurity director, Chuck Davis, who discusses using network segmentation to reduce security concerns. “According to a 2017 study, North Americans have an average of 13 devices per person. That means a family of four has an average of 52 devices on their network. That may seem high, but most Americans don’t realize how much their home network has grown over the past 10 to 15 years, and they don’t realize that all of those “things” are actually computers. All of these devices have a network interface, storage, memory, processors and an operating system. Additionally, they are always connected to the Internet and are rarely patched,” said Davis, in the article.

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