SIW Recommends Integrators Offer Cyber Protection Services to Combat Security Breach, Cyber Concerns

March 20, 2019

Hikvision’s Four Tips for System Integrators to Avoid Security Breach

Hikvision’s Four Tips for System Integrators to Avoid Security Breach


The (SIW) article, “Cybersecurity Services: The Next Logical Step,” recommends that integrators offer cyber protection services to counter the risk of cyber incidents such as data security breach.

“The need for the security integration industry to step up its cybersecurity posture is now more important than ever. Incidents happen regularly, including business email compromises, ransomware attacks and breaches of customer information. As you can imagine, the majority of these incidents are not made public, but they are happening to organizations large and small,” said the author, co-founder of Defendify Rob Simopoulos, in the article.

Simopoulos noted the financial impact of security breach starts at an average of $117,000 for small businesses and $3.86 million for enterprises. He also proposed a list of questions integrators can ask to understand a customer’s cybersecurity needs. These include:

  • Do you have an incident response plan in place in case of a breach?
  • Are you performing network penetration testing and vulnerability scanning of your systems regularly?
  • Do you utilize encryption solutions when storing data?
  • Do you have cyber insurance in place? What does your insurance cover?

From the article: “Once an integrator has a handle on its own cyber-hygiene, why not provide cybersecurity as part of a total offering? Today, security integrators have a seat at the table with IT decision-makers who are looking for assistance with cybersecurity.”

To read more, visit SIW online here.

In the Hikvision article, “Hikvision Cybersecurity Director: Roles and Responsibilities to Avoid Cybersecurity Breach,” Hikvision’s Chuck Davis offers four tips for installers to avoid security breaches, such as routine communication with manufacturers about potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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