SIA Outlines 4 Password Best Practices to Prevent Security Breach

October 29, 2018

SIA Outlines 4 Password Best Practices to Prevent Security Breach

Hikvision Recognizes NCSAM, Provides Advice to Identify Phishing Emails, Prevent Malware


For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), a collaboration between the U.S. government and industry, the Security Industry Association (SIA) shared its top password tips to prevent security breach.

From the article: “The most common vector for a cybersecurity breach is an unsecure password, and for good reason: password maintenance is cumbersome and often gets ignored. Since passwords make up a well-known attack surface, however, there are many useful tools and tips to help with password security.”

Below are SIA’s four best practices for developing strong passwords from the article:

  1. Create strong, unique passwords. Using a passphrase is better than a password, such as “CuddlesGetsBirthdayCakeonJuly22!” instead of “Cuddles722,” referring to your cat. “It’s longer but just as easy to remember and much more secure,” according to SIA.
  2. Establish a unique password for every account. Avoid using the same password for multiple account logins.
  3. Keep passwords to yourself and reset default passwords when setting up a new device or account.
  4. Store your passwords safely. “Use a password manager along with a strong 'master password,' preferably with strong authentication (e.g., biometrics, mobile key confirmation), for all cloud-based business resources,” from the article.  

Hikvision is recognizing NCSAM with its own series of blogs this month offering best practices to secure our homes, our workplace and the global Internet at large. For more, you can read our latest NCSAM blog, “Cybersecurity at Home: Hikvision Cybersecurity Director Talks Network Security and Network Segmentation,” at this link.

Hikvision has posted numerous cybersecurity blogs offering tips and insights to improve passwords, identify phishing emails, and prevent malware. Click here to read more.

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