Reset on Using Zero Trust to Combat Vulnerabilities & Reduce Hacks

May 28, 2020

Hikvision HikWire blog article Chuck Davis cybersecurity Zero Trust SIW

Hikvision Senior Director of Cybersecurity on Using Zero Trust Network to Address Security Concerns (SIW) covers Zero Trust to combat vulnerabilities and reduce hacks in this article: “Five key considerations for tackling Zero Trust.” Zero Trust is an approach to network security aimed at safeguarding data and maximizing cybersecurity.

From the article: “In the time of COVID-19, many companies’ biggest risk may be associated with data that is contained in email. As digital communications seem to be favored over phone conversations, all companies need to be sure they have a policy in place that ensures confidential data is being protected whether it’s shared from corporate laptops or personal devices that have been called into duty due to remote working conditions.”

The article outlined key Zero Trust considerations, which included:

  1. Data being created today has a higher value, and therefore risk, than older information or archived data. This makes current data the most critical to protect first.
  2. Understanding the lifecycle of the data in order to create a policy for people to follow.
  3. Identifying the highest value data to start with.

Hikvision’s senior director of cybersecurity, Chuck Davis, also covered Zero Trust Network architecture in a recent SIW article. In it, Davis said: “So how do you defend against this (network cyberattacks)? There is an architecture, called the Zero Trust Network, that treats the internal network of an organization as a hostile environment by trusting no one. Created in 2010 by John Kindervag, the former principal analyst at Forrester Research, the Zero Trust Network is based on the concept that all company internal networks are not trustworthy and should be treated as untrusted. Access is only given to devices that need to communicate with each other.”

You can read Hikvision’s feature article online here to learn more about addressing vulnerabilities and hacks using the Zero Trust approach.

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