Security Informed Cannabis Industry Report on Market Trends and Security Demands, Features Hikvision Vertical Industry Solutions

November 9, 2020

Hikvision HikWire blog article Cannabis Industry Report

An industry currently valued at more than $13 billion, cannabis is a profitable and growing market governed by strict operating regulations. This includes a particular set of requirements for each state where it is legally sold, with specific regulations for security, video, and transparency requirements. The technology piece, “Market Report: Cannabis,” covers cannabis industry-specific demands, compliance requirements, and business challenges, with an overview of Hikvision solutions designed to support the market.

Some key industry challenges that necessitate precise security solutions include:

  • Operating a cash-only business, which requires heightened security measures.
  • Monitoring grow rooms, packaging facilities, transportation, and dispensaries to ensure product protection and loss prevention.
  • Maintaining video records on hand for longer periods than many traditional businesses means cannabis companies need cost-effective solutions for added bandwidth and storage.

From the report: “Requirements for video surveillance are specified in some states, including particular areas that must be monitored, minimum retention times for video (e.g., 90 days), minimum frame-per-second video capture and recording rates, and even minimum camera resolutions.”

Hikvision solutions, such as our affordable Performance Thermal line, can provide traditional security with the added benefits of temperature detection and early fire detection warnings for grow rooms. Hikvision ColorVu enhances images in dark lighting conditions, while our fisheye cameras provide a clear, broad-area view. Paired with Hikvision’s HikCentral CMS (centralized management system), it enables management of several facilities from a central software that can be viewed on a laptop, smartphone or from a central station.

To learn more and to download your copy of the cannabis market report, click this link.

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