Retail Cyber Threats and Recommendations to Reduce Security Concerns

April 15, 2019

Hikvision retail cyber threats blog

Hikvision Blog Outlines Three Ways to Test for System Vulnerabilities


The article, “How to meet the cybersecurity threat facing retail companies,” outlines retail cyber threats and provides recommendations to reduce security concerns and plan for the future of cybersecurity.  

From the article: “Retail companies are, of course, a primary target for cyberattacks. Adversaries are looking to profit from their attacks, and so hacking organizations–like retail firms–with access to customers’ financial data is a common goal. Especially as an increasing focus on Internet of Things (IoT) technology and innovative sales platforms take hold in the retail sector, the vulnerability to attack is increasing.”

The current “incident response” approach to cybersecurity leaves organizations to report and respond to cyberattacks after they occur. The author recommends a shift to prevention, stating that “proactive cybersecurity analysts can instead use the intelligence they have derived about adversaries’ methodologies–commonly referred to as tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).” This would allow systems to act on threatening behavior before it attacks the network.

The article added, “Using this basic model, a cybersecurity tool could truly prevent common exploits before they were executed, and could even predict and protect against future, not yet seen exploits.”

The Hikvision blog, “SSI Reports on the Three Best Ways to Test for Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities,” includes a list of the three best methods for identifying system weaknesses. One of those tips includes the following:

  • Perform penetration testing: This involves cybersecurity professionals using hacker methods to try to gain access to your systems, such as attempting to bypass security infrastructure or “exploit hidden backdoors within networks and applications,” according to the SSI article.

IMPORTANT! This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this model. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product page.

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