Part 1: Hikvision Senior Director of Cybersecurity Covers Breach of More Than 300 Records at 18 Companies

August 25, 2020

Hikvision HikWire blog article Cybersecurity Breach

In today’s blog, Hikvision senior director of cybersecurity, Chuck Davis, will cover vulnerabilities related to a security breach of more than 386 million records.

Eighteen Startups Breached
A threat actor recently posted more than 386 million user records online from 18 companies. “Since July 21st, a seller of data breaches known as ShinyHunters has begun leaking the databases for free on a hacker forum known for selling and sharing stolen data,” reported Bleeping Computer.

From the Bleeping Computer article: “ShinyHunters has been involved in or responsible for a wide assortment of data breaches this past year, including Wattpad, Dave, Chatbooks,, Mathway, HomeChef, and the breach of Microsoft private GitHub repository. Databases stolen in data breaches usually are privately sold first, with prices ranging between $500 (Zoosk) to $100,000 (Wattpad). Once they are no longer profitable, threat actors commonly release them on hacker forums to increase their community reputation.”

Later on, Bleeping Computer posted an update on the breach collection as more of the startups began disclosing the breaches to the public. You can see these status updates in the following table. Bleeping Computer reported that ShinyHunters released the breached “databases for free to benefit the community and as they already made enough money from selling them in private sales.”

Hikvision HikWire blog article Davis Breach part 1 image 1

In addition to these and other recent data breaches, you may have been impacted by other breaches in the past. CSO online covered breaches in its recent article, “The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century.”

Visit the HikWire blog tomorrow when we’ll discuss tips to prevent becoming a victim of security breach.

In the meantime, check out the Hikvision article, “Hikvision Senior Director of Cybersecurity on Four Recent Coronavirus Cyber Scams and Hacks, Plus Hikvision’s Cyber Tip of the Week,” which offers insights to stay safe from security concerns.

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