Key 2019 Hikvision Cyber Blogs Offer Tips to Prevent a Vulnerability, Deter Password Hacks and Backdoor Exploits

January 17, 2020

Hikvision HikWire blog article top cyber blogs 2019

Check out key Hikvision blogs from 2019 that outlined cybersecurity tips to prevent a vulnerability and to deter password hacks and backdoor exploits. In addition, several valuable articles were summarized in this Hikvision blog, “NRF Releases Shopping Statistics, Hikvision Cyber Tips to Avoid Security Concerns While Shopping In-Store and Online.”

Learn more about key cybersecurity threats and click the links to learn more about how to prevent becoming a victim of these threats:

  • Juice-Jacking: Read this Hikvision blog to learn more about juice-jacking as a cyber-threat and security concern, and learn more about this threat. You can avoid juice-jacking while in malls or airports by not using public USB charging stations. Juice-jacking happens when someone connects their mobile device to a USB charging station that charges the device, but has also been modified to copy data from the mobile device, like photos and text messages, or infect the device with malware.
  • Phishing: In this Hikvision blog, our cybersecurity director outlines examples of common phishing practices so you can learn to identify them. Phishing attacks have long been an effective way for attackers to trick people into divulging sensitive information or infecting a system with malware. Malware can give an attacker remote access to protected systems and networks, encrypt a user’s data and charge a ransom to decrypt the data, or use that system as part of an attack against other systems.
  • Spear Phishing: Hikvision addresses a special kind of phishing attack that targets a specific person or organization, called spear phishing, in this article. Spear phishing emails typically have information about the victim in the email that makes the email seem credible.
  • Protect Yourself Online: Preventing password hacks means using complex passwords and not reusing passwords across multiple sites or logins to help you stay safe online. The most important aspect of a passphrase is that it should be long—at least 12 characters. Read this Hikvision blog that outlines insights to stay safe with good passwords, web browser security and firewall security.

Check out this Hikvision page for new cybersecurity tips and content to avoid password hacks, backdoor exploits and vulnerabilities. For more about Hikvision security cameras, DVRs, NVRS and other business solutions, click here.

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