Hikvision’s Cybersecurity Philosophy: Assess, Update, Improve

May 13, 2017

While Hikvision has a variety of cybersecurity resources in place today, it’s important for Hikvision employees and partners to know, as Hikvision VP Weiqi Wu recently emphasized, that we believe “cybersecurity efforts must be ongoing.” Hikvision is committed to these efforts and “will continue to assess and improve its cybersecurity efforts in the R&D process, and strengthen its research on security technologies,” he added.

Here’s a refresher on Hikvision cybersecurity resources that are readily available, and in place today:

Hikvision Security Lab

Hikvision founded the Network and Information Security Lab responsible for setting our company’s security standards, performing security evaluations and testing, and responding to security issues with third-party security companies. The Lab is based at our HQ and is divided into several groups, each with a specific function and each with a laser focus on cybersecurity. The Security Framework Group manages product security framework, sets security standards, maintains SDL procedure, and communicates with third-party companies. The Security Component Group develops security components for all product series and researches security protocol. The Security Test Group leads offensive and defensive testing and maintains scan tools. The Hikvision Security Resource Center (HSRC) Group manages the vulnerability library.

Processes have been put in place at each stage of the product life cycle. In the product design and development phase, Hikvision’s R&D team deploys the industry's most well-known static code checking software, Coverity. Additionally, to enhance safety testing efforts during product testing, the anti-cyberattack protocol test tool Defensics, and the vulnerability scanning tool Nessus, among others, have been introduced.

Penetration Test Team

Hikvision has established a special penetration test team that is responsible for ensuring application-level security. The team includes seasoned cybersecurity professionals based both at our HQ in China and in North America. This team works to guarantee product safety throughout the product safety development cycle. This includes product planning, design, development, testing and other aspects that cover system platforms, video equipment, mobile phone / PC clients, and so on. In addition, Hikvision regularly invites well-known third-party companies to do penetration testing, further enhancing the safety and security of the application layer.

Hikvision Security Center

By setting high standards for product security and following the strict guidelines of reputable outside sources, Hikvision is committed to the utmost quality and safety of its products. We encourage our partners to take advantage of the many cybersecurity resources Hikvision offers, including the Hikvision Security Center.

Additionally, customers can always contact Tech Support or their Hikvision representative anytime with any concerns or questions.

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