Hikvision Offers Surveillance System Health Monitoring with Seagate’s SkyHawk™ Health Management Tool

August 10, 2018

Hikvision is now providing an added layer of protection, prevention and recovery to its surveillance systems with Seagate’s SkyHawk™ Health Management (SHM) tool when using Skyhawk HDDs (hard disc drive) 4TB and above with Hikvision GUI 4.0.

SkyHawk™ Health Management in the SkyHawk HDD is designed to actively protect surveillance footage for Hikvision systems with I-series NVRs running GUI 4.0. The SkyHawk™ solution monitors operating conditions and recommends preventive actions such as temperature and vibration control to extend system longevity.

“Hikvision was the first manufacturer to implement Seagate’s SkyHawk™ Health Management tool using Hikvision’s NVR GUI 4.0 to ensure surveillance system health. Our R&D team worked closely with Seagate to develop and test reliability and performance, a joint effort that resulted in the successful integration of our technologies,” said Doug Gray, Hikvision’s senior product marketing manager. Gray adds that Hikvision’s graphic user interface (GUI) 4.0 is packed with features and designed for ease of use. The SHM solution works with many Hikvision NVR options from Value to Pro Series.

SHM analyzes hundreds of performance parameters to determine hard drive health status. Sensors within the SkyHawk Health series hard drives, coupled with data analytics, enable users to have firsthand health information related to items such as temperature, shock, and vibration. Adaptive algorithms monitor critical drive health parameters related to overall performance and reliability, and recommends further diagnostics and backups if they are necessary. When drive status has been deemed deteriorated, the NVR may recommend backup to endure data availability. Optional Seagate® Data Recovery Services ensures data recovery in a secure environment in the event of a hard drive failure.

For more information about the advantages of the Seagate and Hikvision surveillance integration, visit this link to view the demo video.

IMPORTANT! This model requires non-standard firmware. Do Not Install standard firmware (e.g. v.4.1.xx) on this model. Doing so will permanently damage your system. You must use custom firmware v.4.1.25 from the iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S product page.

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