Hikvision Cybersecurity Director Talks Cybersecurity, Important Line of Defense for Security Integrators in SDM Magazine Video

May 9, 2019

Hikvision Cybersecurity Director Talks Cybersecurity, Important Line of Defense for Security Integrators in SDM Magazine Video


Watch Hikvision’s cybersecurity director, Chuck Davis, discuss cybersecurity and the most important line of defense for security integrators in this SDM magazine video covering ISC West highlights. In their post, “What was the Buzz at ISC West? SDM Editors Find Out,” SDM editors Laura Stepanek, Karyn Hodgson, and Courtney Wolfe asked ISC West exhibitors three of the most pressing questions facing the industry today.

In the cybersecurity video, Davis answers the question: “What do security Integrators need to be concerned about with the video surveillance systems they sell and install?”

“The most important thing that security integrators can really understand about securing their environment from a cybersecurity perspective is network security. The network is the first and most important line of defense when securing an environment. So when you connect a device to an untrusted network like the Internet, you have to make sure you have the appropriate levels of security in place. Defense in depth is the key. Put firewalls in place, use things like VPNs, and really secure that environment to greatly reduce the risk,” said Hikvision’s Davis, in the video.

Davis’ segment begins at 2:47 in the cybersecurity video. To watch the video, click this link on the SDM website.

Davis talks more about this topic in the Hikvision blog “Hikvision Cybersecurity Director Offers Tips to Reduce Cyberattacks and Security Concerns in Network Security, User Security and System Administration.” In it, he advocates for the practice of "defense in depth," an approach to manage risk using diverse defensive strategies. “It’s based on the idea that multiple layers of defense will provide additional protection against a potential cyberattack. This includes network segmentation, which simply stated means splitting a network into separate networks that are isolated, not connected, and compromising one won’t compromise the others. For example, finance, human resources and security should each have dedicated networks,” said Davis, in the article.

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