FICO Survey Uncovers US Firms Confident in Cybersecurity Policy, Prepared for Data Security Breach

July 26, 2018

FICO Survey Uncovers US Firms Confident in Cybersecurity Policy, Prepared for Data Security Breach

Hikvision Initiatives Expand Cybersecurity Offerings for Partners, Help Reduce Security Concerns

A FICO survey commissioned by independent research firm Ovum says that more than 65 percent of U.S. firms believe their cybersecurity protection levels are above average, according to a report by Security magazine.

FICO is an analytics software company that provides analytic tools used across multiple industries to manage risk, and in 1956 introduced solutions such as credit scoring that have made credit more widely available around the world. The FICO study surveyed C-suite executives in companies across the U.S. and other regions to determine attitudes toward cybercrime and cybersecurity.

Sixty-eight percent of U.S. firms responded that they are better prepared for data security breaches than their competitors, an increase over 2017 results. Power and utilities providers rated themselves as top performers relative to their competitors, while financial services companies rated themselves as above average.

“Firms have a lot to lose when it comes to their privacy and security risk, and must have an accurate picture of how protected they really are,” said Doug Clare, vice president for cybersecurity solutions at FICO, in the Security magazine article. “These figures point to the fact that many firms don’t know how they compare against their competitors, which could lead to an under-investment in cybersecurity protection.”

FICO suggested that most organizations could benefit from an independent assessment to ensure they are investing enough in cybersecurity to reduce security concerns.

Hikvision was recently lauded by a leading industry publication as “among the most proactive” manufacturers regarding cybersecurity. Below are some of the company’s recent cybersecurity initiatives that benefit partners and help to reduce security concerns and vulnerabilities.

Hikvision Takes Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Hikvision has established its own internal cybersecurity team of experts, a dedicated cybersecurity hotline for partners, and the industry’s first Source Code Transparency Center, which provides visibility for government agencies and law enforcement entities in the U.S. and Canada who want to review Hikvision’s source code.

Hikvision also completed a multi-city cybersecurity road show in Canada during 2017. Its U.S. cybersecurity tour kicked off on March 27, 2018 in Los Angeles and will visit other U.S. cities in the fall of 2018. “Cybersecurity Myths and Facts: Presented by Hikvision” is led by Chuck Davis, the company’s director of cybersecurity for North America. Davis presents a 90-minute, interactive educational session about cybersecurity, cyber threats and vulnerabilities, myths about the video surveillance industry, and best practices to mitigate potential security breaches and reduce security concerns.

To find out more about Hikvision resources, visit the online Cybersecurity Center. To read the entire FICO survey article on the Security magazine website, click here.

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