Canadian Security Magazine on Key Cybercrime Factors and How to Address Vulnerabilities

September 10, 2020

Hikvision HikWire blog article Canadian Security Magazine Cybercrime

Hikvision Senior Director of Cybersecurity on Vulnerabilities, Tips to Protect Yourself


Canadian Security magazine outlines key cybercrime factors and how to address vulnerabilities in its article: “In an era of disruption, it’s time to focus on the fundamentals.”

“One of the key factors when performing a cybersecurity vulnerability risk assessment is understanding what your environment looks like under normal conditions, both from a personal and corporate security perspective,” from the article. By identifying normal operations, the article added, it becomes easier to identify abnormal activity and act swiftly to prevent or reduce the impact of cyberattacks.

Ways to prevent exploit of cybersecurity vulnerabilities include:

Updates to software and firmware to improve security or increase functionality.

Use of encrypted data partitions. Encryption adds an additional layer of protection to prevent files from being easily stolen. This reduces the risk of hackers accessing laptop data for remote employees “if those devices are ever lost or stolen.”

Update hardware that functions on your organization’s network. Legacy hardware “can potentially leave a backdoor to your network …” that may make it easier for threat actors to exploit vulnerabilities.  

Read this Hikvision blog to learn more about what vulnerabilities are and how to protect yourself: “Part 1, Hikvision Senior Director of Cybersecurity on Vulnerabilities: What are Cyber Vulnerabilities?

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